The challenge

Due to a number of key factors, Suptech is now a key strategic priority for central banks & financial authorities: 

  • Interconnected risks: The global financial crisis exposed the interconnectedness of the financial system and the risks it creates
  • Increased legislation: Governments have put legislation in place to collect large amounts of transaction data to be able to better identify systemic risks
  • Large, complex datasets: Globally, banks report close to 22 billion data points quarterly and over 70.3 billion real-time payments were processed in 2020 alone

The solution

FNA is a global leader in operationalizing Suptech for central banks and authorities via advanced network analysis and simulation technology. FNA’s core, out-of-the-box Suptech solutions cover:

Loan Data Analytics 

Complete visibility of emerging credit risks and potential systemic implications in real-time.

RTGS Stress Testing

Understand regulatory compliance, cyber, operational and financial stability stress implications on payment system participants

Payment Behavior Monitoring 

Real-time alerts to possible liquidity or solvency issues, and the systemic implications 

Supervisory Reporting Analytics

Single view of the financial system and its participants, combining supervisory reports & alternative data


In addition, FNA’s scalable platform with 300+ proprietary algorithms and no-code analytics capabilities enable our clients to rapidly prototype and build new solutions.

The benefits 

FNA’s Suptech solutions allows central banks and financial authorities to:

  • Automate deployment of data modeling and analytics
  • Monitor real-time visibility of emerging credit risks and potential systemic implications
  • Detects anomalies in banks’ routine payments behavior, providing early indications of banks facing possible liquidity issues
  • Enable payment system oversight departments to maintain safe and efficient RTGS operations
  • Apply simulation and stress testing capabilities to understand paths of contagion and impacts



Fabio Ortega, Banco de la República


FNA’s software and expertise has helped the bank improve its ongoing risk management processes […] reducing the time it takes to run analysis from weeks to only a few minutes.”


Suptech Training

In addition to technology, FNA has also provided hands-on Suptech training events to over 5,000 central bankers from over 50 countries since 2020.

FNA training events are typically run as a series of workshops, and can be broadcasted live or held in person.  

Each workshop session consists of a series of training sessions (presentations and case studies) and hands-on exercises tutored by FNA’s subject-matter experts.

Our expertise

  • The most influential central banks in Europe, Americas and Asia use our technology
  • We have a strong record of collaboration with sectoral knowledge hubs such as Central Banking Publications, SEACEN, CEMLA & SWIFT Institute
  • We have built over 100 partnerships with financial institutions, FMIs, central banks and financial authorities
  • We are regular contributors to leading industry & trade publications including the Wall Street Journal, of Nature Magazine
  • We employ 15 Professors and PhDs that have published 100s of academic articles and papers on related topics
  • Our experience and expertise in Suptech has also been recognized by a series of industry awards, including winning the G20 TechSprint, and winning the Central Banking FinTech & RegTech Global Award for Best Analytics Partner three years running.

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