The challenge

Today, Central Banks and Supervisors have access to vast amounts of granular, structured and unstructured data.

The ability to operationalize this data through automated modeling, analysis and visualization is critical for both macro- and microprudential supervision to be effective.

This is even more the case in the current economic climate, with market dislocations and long-tailed credit risk emerging, and ever-increasing global interconnectedness on financial systems and markets.

The solution

FNA’s Suptech offering encompasses two core solutions:

Our Suptech Analytics solution allows Central Banks and Supervisors to operationalize, analyze and run models and simulations on large datasets. The results can be visualized via clear dashboards that help users understand these datasets, identify risks and enable proactive real-time monitoring. This allows financial authorities to quickly identify problems and anomalies that could result in systemic instability.

For organizations new to Suptech or for those looking to expand their knowledge, our Suptech Training equips Heads of Suptech, economists and analysts with the training, knowledge, skills, expertise, and toolsets to implement key Suptech initiatives and rapidly develop new Network/AI/ML driven solutions that operationalize large datasets and improve the quality of supervisory analysis.

The benefits

FNA’s Suptech Analytics solution allows central banks and supervisors to:

  • Automate deployment of data collection, modeling and analytics
  • Apply simulation and stress testing capabilities to understand paths of contagion and impacts
  • Build intuitive dashboards
  • Deploy real-time monitoring capability
  • Move from backward-looking to predictive analysis
  • Provide an analytics-related communications hub for both internal reporting and external/cross-jurisdiction collaboration
  • Allow larger datasets to be analysed through automation of analytics
  • Share use cases and learn from each other

The solution makes use of more than 300 out-of-the-box network analytics, simulation, and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms that are tailored to the regulatory and financial services community. This makes FNA Suptech solution completely unique, applicable across a variety of local as well as cross-jurisdictional use cases.

Our expertise

  • We have a strong record of collaboration with sectoral knowledge hubs such as Central Banking Publications, SEACEN, CEMLA & SWIFT Institute
  • We have built over 100 advisory partnerships with financial institutions, Financial Market Infrastructures, central banks and financial authorities
  • We are regular contributors to leading industry & trade publications including the Wall Street Journal, of Nature Magazine
  • We employ 15 Professors and PhDs that have published 100s of academic articles and papers.
  • Collectively, FNA has over 125 years of central banking experience.
  • Our experience and expertise in Suptech has also been recognized by a series of industry awards, including winning the G20 TechSprint, and twice winning the Central Banking FinTech & RegTech Global Award for Best Analytics Partner.
Rhomaios Ram, CEO of Fnality
“Using the FNA Platform, we have been able to simulate the transformational effects which Fnality will be bringing to the industry and therefore determine the significant liquidity benefits of the proposed service. This insight has enabled us to prepare, design and communicate exactly how our service will work”

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