Treasurers face a rapidly changing funding landscape


Funding costs are surging as global interest rates reach near-term records, while the need for funding is increasing due to the mass adoption of real-time & 24/ 7 payments. At the same time, digital currencies threaten the reliability of future funding sources.

Take control of your funding & client network


  • Simplify treasury management and oversight with network visualization and analytics on intra-group and client liquidity usage
  • Visualize immediate stresses and simulate new funding environments in real-time with advanced simulation technology 
  • Optimize payments scheduling using FNA’s proprietary Liquidity Saving Mechanism algorithms to compress liquidity needs
  • Receive early warning indicators with machine learning-based payments and market behaviour monitoring

Reduce intraday liquidity peaks and usage with AI-driven flow optimization



Drive revenue growth with client liquidity optimisation


  • Improve client relationships with client liquidity usage intelligence 
  • Remain alert to client account and portfolio changes with machine learning-based early warning indicators
  • Attract further client deposits and tailor credit products with a complete understanding of client liquidity behaviour


trillion of payments optimized


reduction in liquidity usage

40% – 90%

reduction in customer payment delays

Leading network analytics & liquidity optimization technology


  • FNA’s Intelligent Liquidity Optimisation solution has been built using over 20 years of research and experience in running simulations on critical payment systems and networks.
  • FNA is trusted by central banks and supervisors around the world, with developed and emerging market central bank clients in all regions
  • We are regular contributors to leading international & trade publications including the BBC, Wall Street Journal and

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FMI Lifecycle

FMI Lifecycle

Design, validate, monitor, stress test, and optimize a financial market infrastructure.
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Analyze and run models and simulations on large datasets to identify risks and anomalies
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National Security Solutions

National Security Solutions

FNA ensures you are the driving force behind your decisions, and ahead of your adversary thanks to advanced analytics and machine learning technology
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CBDC Simulation

CBDC Simulation

Model and simulate the impact of introducing a central bank digital currency.
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